Sound Momentum is an innovative company that design and build high performance acoustic treatment panels that are able to control the problematics sound waves without the usual negative side effect of modifying and/or colouring the sound of your listening room/recording studio.

When designing our Eclipse audio rack and our coupling/decoupling system, we took great care to manage the vibrational energy because it is essential to ensure that you are getting the most out of your equipments. All of our audio rack come standard with high performance stainless steel decoupling isolation feet.
Sound Momentum Infinity
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Our unique patented polycylindrical design wood diffusor (US Pat. 8,960,367) will increase the focus and the dynamic quality of your listening room by preventing the middle and the high frequency from bouncing around in it, uncontrolled.

Our wood diffuser panels prove to be effective even when they are situated at only a few inches of distance. For example, this allows them to be used on a wall situated directly behind the listening position where other types of diffusor would not work properly (if not at all).

That is because most other types of diffusor (quadratic, cylindrical and Schroeder) need to be situated at a few feet of distance, usually 6 feets or more in order to be fully effective.

Our unique design will control the sound wave's reflexions, without colouring the sound of your room. Our panels will not add any audible sonic signature of their own.

Usually, most acoustical treatment works by substraction (product like acoustic foam and fibreglass, but most other type of diffusor will also absorb at least some of the energy), that means that both the sound wave's information and the energy that it contains are being absorbed. The result is an unnatural and/or somewhat "dead" sounding room that can't respect trueness of timbre.

Our wood diffusor effectively treat the problematic sound waves but reflect the energy back into the room, creating natural, open and fatigue free listening environment.

«...the diffusion created by the Infinity panels does seem to me to be quite effective in countering the effect of a reflective wall. I also found it interesting that even when the Infinity panels were placed as close as a foot behind me, the sense of stereo depth from my monitors seemed to increase, as the diffuse energy bouncing back to me produced a heightened sense of ambience, making the distance to the wall behind difficult or impossible to judge...» «...but unlike most products they produce a beneficial effect even when used fairly close to the listening position. They're also the most attractive pieces of acoustic treatment we've been sent to date...»
Paul White - editor in chief - Sound On Sound Magazine

«As the experiment has clearly demonstrated (see recording and graph) the Sound Momentum diffuser panels exhibit a convincing performance by reducing and breaking up medium and high frequency sound waves...» «...the clarity index, definition, spatiality, and the inter-aural cross correlation (IACC), all of these indices are improved, meaning that the acoustic treatment improves the quality of the room...» «...the Sound Momentum diffuser panels, a design that merits our attention for its originality, aesthetics and acoustic benefits...»
Jean Laporte - Son Et Image magazine

«Diffusion prevents the return of sound waves by breaking them up into small pieces that are distributed in all directions. The energy contained in the wave is still present in the room, but it has lost its coherence and the brain cannot decode any information from it anymore. I've designed my diffusers to break up sound into even smaller pieces, allowing the panels to be used at a closer distance than conventional diffusers design that usually require a minimum distance of six feet or more to be fully effective, making them difficult to use in a normal room like a living room or a listening room...»
Jean Leclerc interview Son Et Image magazine
Current models; Select Cherry Wood
Model 1
Dimensions: 23" X 23"
Max. Depth: 2"
Weight: 14 lb
Model 2
Dimensions: 15 3/4" X 37"
Max. depth: 2"
Weight: 15 3/4 lb
* Approximate measures
Infinity Mini
Infinity LF ( Low Frequency )

Interview with Jean Leclerc of Sound Momentum in Le Magazine Son & Image

Sound Momentum Diffuser Panels : Aesthetics, functionality and performance

Sound Momentum Infinity, review by Paul White of Sound On Sound

Sound Momentum Infinity: User review
Sound Momentum Eclipse
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Our audio rack are built using carefully selected materials. The shelves are made in solid select maple, the post are machined from solid aluminium 6061 t6 and our coupling/decoupling system is made out of stainless steel.

We have developed our own coupling/decoupling system. It was designed to isolate the audio rack from the harmful vibration that is coming from the floor, but while always maintaining a strong enough mechanical ground for the audio rack to eliminate it's own vibration into.

Our goal was to design an audio rack that would have a warm "woody" tone, but with better bass articulation, clearer midrange and more natural high frequency than is usually possible to obtain from a traditional wood audio rack design.

Because of the musical nature of the material used in their construction and our design philosophy, our audio rack have a very open, lively sound that is free of glare or resonance peaks frequency.

«The gains were immediately obvious when we spun our first record. The performance is there with real and tangible improvements in coherency and musical involvement.» «To have achieved a rack system with this level of performance in this price range is remarkable. We were so convinced by the improvements that the Eclipse rack brought to our source components, that we've ordered a second one, this time dedicated to the amplification units of our audio system.»
Michel Leroux - Magasine Son Et Image
Shelves in solid maple 1" 1/16 thickness
Depth: 18"
Width: 24"
Choice of colour
Aluminum 6061t6 post (1" 1/4 diameter)
4", 6", 8" or 10" shelves height
Stainless steel decoupling feet (included)
Floating mechanical ground (optional)
* Approximate measures

Sound Momentum Eclipse: Audio stand


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